Fairhaven Middle School PTSA

Welcome, Grizzlies!

Thank you to everyone who made February's lunch such a success! We are going with a Chili Feed theme this month for the 60+ teachers and staff at Fairhaven Middle School. The effort you give and food/items you provide are greatly appreciated! This month's lunch is on Friday, March 31st. All kinds of chili are encouraged from veggie to meat, and mild to spicy! We have a handful of staff members who are gluten-free, so if anyone has gluten-free options that would be fantastic. We will also provide a variety of toppings, cornbreads, drinks, and desserts.
Please check out the list of options and find what works best for you. You or your student can bring your item(s) to the school's office by 10:00 a.m. on Friday, March 31st.
Make sure dishes/utensils have your name on them. All dishes will be ready for pickup as close to 3:45 pm as possible in the lounge the same day. Thank you kindly for your contribution,

Your Staff Appreciation Coordinator,
Alicia Gabrielson (tralicia@gmail.com)




Questions?  Please contact Alicia Gabrielson:   tralicia@gmail.com


Ideas on how you would like to be involved with the FMS PTSA? Email us!    fairhavenptsa@gmail.com